Protection of confidentiality in the computer-based patient record.

TitleProtection of confidentiality in the computer-based patient record.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsSafran C, Rind D, Citroen M, Bakker AR, SLACK WV, Bleich HL
JournalMD Comput
Date Published1995 May-Jun
KeywordsBoston, Computer Security, Confidentiality, Hospital Records, Humans, Medical Records Systems, Computerized

To evaluate the confidentiality of the patients' data in the electronic patient records designed by members of the Center for Clinical Computing in Boston, we examined the accessibility of the computer-stored medical records of two groups of patients at Boston's Beth Israel Hospital: celebrities, hospital employees, and their relatives (VIPs) and other patients (non-VIPs). We studied how often authorized clinicians gained access to computer-stored data on the two types of patients and whether look-up patterns differed if the data concerned a VIP. Our results suggest that the measures used to maintain data confidentiality at Beth Israel Hospital are adequate.

Alternate JournalMD Comput
PubMed ID7596248